March 01, 2012

Aquaria Grande - Cybertecture

Located in Borivali, Mumbai, India, this beautiful structure really drew my attention. Luxurious condo living with your own private pool on your balcony. There's not more to ask, combining a simple fluid concept within the borders of a small space. Architecture firm James Law Cybertecture logo innovating the fabric of mankind really does just that. Check out the tree form of the buildings and the roof that could metaphor the notion of tree branches. What makes it even more sustainable is the following three things.
1. Solar panels to absorb excess heat gain and minimize use of indoor energy.
2. Opaque panels to resist awful glaring to indoor.
3. Transparent glass makes use of natural lighting to the roof garden.

Check out the above link for more info and let me know your thoughts on it.

November 20, 2010

Solar power advantages and disadvantages

Our world has reached an unfortunate scenario where increasing prices in energy is forcing us to seek alternative cost-effective energy solutions. There are a number of renewable energy sources available and their implementation to our everyday lives is growing faster more than ever. One of these is solar power. Everyone more or less knows about how it works, but let's point out some advantages and potential drawbacks as well.

First of all, it's save money. After the initial installation you are pretty much able to create your own energy (electricity) without any recurring costs. However, the initial investment might seem a sore disadvantage for some, compared to, let's say, energy generated by the usual means (fossil fuels, nuclear power). Luckily however, there are guides out there that teach you how easy, quick and cheap building your own solar panels are. Check here for example.

Second, it's GREAT for the environment. It protects it since there are no harmful CO2 emissions, it is completely renewable and sustainable and you are not dependant upon any other foreign energy sources even if there is a power outage. Moreover, solar panels require minimum maintenance...

Disadvantages are quite minimal. Even if there is no sun, advanced backup battery sytems will ensure that electricity is still being produced to some extent. Another disadvantage that some may see, is the look of the solar panels on your home. But really...people let's do something good for the environment...and if you care about looks that much, there are artistic ways to conceal them.

To summarize: need an easy way to generate electricity, easy to install and free? If you are environment-conscious and think solar power is the answer, then check this guide out for more info!

November 14, 2010

Convert your house to Green!

Have you ever thought about converting your house green? Now you can by building your own renewable energy devices. This guide will show you how to:

build your own solar panels that you can use to power your home;
build a 500W, 800W, or even 1500Watt wind turbine;
design a renewable energy system to fit part, or all, of your power needs;
use these Green Energy solutions to live off the grid;
sell back your excess power to the utility company, and actually make money each month from your green power solution;
take advantage of government rebates to convert your home for very little cost;
accomplish all of that and more with the EASIEST GUIDE to RENEWABLE ENERGY!

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